DoD Biodiversity Conservation Handbook
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Welcome to the Conserving Biodiversity on Military Lands website, a resource for military natural resources managers throughout the United States. Here you will find:
  • A thorough introduction to understanding biodiversity and how it applies to the military mission, including the scientific, legal, policy, and natural resources management contexts.
  • Practical advice from 17 case studies about biodiversity conservation, written by your peers at military installations.
  • The complete text of the book Conserving Biodiversity on Military Lands: A Guide for Natural Resources Managers. You can browse and read the book's contents online by clicking on the chapter links, or download each chapter as a PDF file to print out.
  • A companion product to the complete book is now available: Conserving Biodiversity on Military Lands: A Guide for Natural Resources Managers - The Commander's Guide. This summary pamplet is available here as a PDF (12 pages, 9MB).
  • Additional Biodiversity Outreach Tools, as produced by the DoD Legacy Resource Management Program in 2008, provide information about natural resources and biodiversity on military lands for installation leaders, civilian leaders, and the military community. These web-based tools can be accessed at
  • NEW: DoD Biodiversity Conservation Toolbox: An Annotated List of Online Resources Related to Biodiversity Conservation on Department of Defense Lands
Introduction and Table of ContentsDownload PDF   (17 pages, 1.4MB)
Chapter 1: Biodiversity and the Military MissionDownload PDF   (17 pages, 1.4MB)
Chapter 2: Understanding Conservation ScienceDownload PDF   (20 pages, 3.1MB)
Chapter 3: Legal and Policy BackgroundDownload PDF   (20 pages, 3.7MB)
Chapter 4: EncroachmentDownload PDF   (16 pages, 2.3MB)
Chapter 5: Multiple UsesDownload PDF   (14 pages, 2.2MB)
Chapter 6: Endangered Species ConservationDownload PDF   (14 pages, 1.6MB)
Chapter 7: Invasive SpeciesDownload PDF   (10 pages, 1.4MB)
Chapter 8: Landscape DisturbancesDownload PDF   (12 pages, 0.5MB)
Chapter 9: FundingDownload PDF   (4 pages, 0.5MB)
Chapter 10: PartnershipsDownload PDF   (10 pages, 0.7MB)
Chapter 11: INRMPsDownload PDF   (10 pages, 1.0MB)
Case StudiesDownload PDF   (57 pages, 8.9MB)
Download Full Book in PDF Form (236 pages, 33.6MB)
Download the DoD toolbox in PDF Form (28 pages, 660KB)
Additional Case Studies (45 pages, 3.7MB)

About The Project
This website and the accompanying printed guide were developed by NatureServe, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing the scientific basis for effective conservation. Funding for the guide and website was provided by the Department of Defense Legacy Resource Management Program. We thank the many partners and contributing authors who made this publication possible, listed in the Acknowledgements.

For information about this project, please contact: Nancy Benton, NatureServe, 703-908-1886.

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