DoD Biodiversity Conservation Handbook
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This 2008 edition of Conserving Biodiversity on Military Lands has benefited from the contributions of numerous people with expertise related to biodiversity conservation and the military. Foremost among them is J. Douglas Ripley, who helped conceive and lead this follow-up effort to the 1996 edition. Over the past two years, Doug conducted dozens of interviews, helped to coordinate an experts' workshop, organized the case studies included in this edition, provided many of the photos, wrote the chapter on policy issues, and provided a constant source of expertise and advice as part of our project team.

We thank science writer Fred Powledge, who was the principal liaison with the chapter authors and also researched and wrote three chapters, for his keen editorial eye, superb writing skills, and sharp sense of humor. Fred brought focus and stylistic consistency to the contributions of multiple authors. Nancy Benton, NatureServe's project manager, managed all aspects of the project from inception to completion and coordinated the involvement of the many persons who are recognized here. Rob Riordan of NatureServe assisted with editorial and production issues for the guide and the accompanying website. The guide was designed by Marc Meadows of Meadows Design Office, Inc., Washington, D.C.

Funding for this guide was provided by the Department of Defense Legacy Resource Management Program. In particular, we would like to thank Peter Boice and Jane Mallory for all of their support and guidance throughout the project. Joe Hautzenroder of the U.S. Navy was our project sponsor.

We thank all of our chapter authors for sharing their experience and expertise, including: Bruce Stein, Bob Unnasch, Doug Ripley, John Elwood, Dorothy Gibb, Joe Ferris, John Lamb, Troy Weldy, Steve Orzell, William Platt, and Fred Powledge. In addition, thanks to the following people for reviewing chapter drafts:Mary Anderson, Tim Beaty, Scott Belfit, Peter Boice, Pete Egan, Don Faber- Langendoen, Scott Farley, Jim McDermott, Jay Rubinoff, and Marty Skoglund. In the summer and fall of 2005, we conducted numerous interviews to help inform the direction of the revised edition of this guide, to maximize its usefulness for military and other natural resources managers. We thank everyone who participated in these interviews, including: Bob Anderson, Michael J. Bean, Tim Beaty, David Beckmann, Scott Belfit, Walter Bien, Stuart Cannon, Jamie Rappaport Clark, Richard Clewell, Tammy Conkle, Diane Drigot, Christopher W. Eberly, Paul Ebersbach, Tom Egeland, Daniel Friese, Dorothy Gibb, Lewis Gorman, Jeff Hardesty, Joe Hautzenroder, Steve Helfert, Laura Henze, Tom Lillie, Tad McCall, Rick McWhite, Valerie Morrill, Jim Omans, Charles Pekins, Kevin Porteck, Rick Spaulding, James Van Ness, Sara Vickerman, Tom Warren, and Bill Woodson.

In February 2006 we presented a draft outline of this publication to a group of leading military natural resources managers and other experts. This publication has benefited enormously from the input of these workshop attendees, including: Bob Barnes, Timothy A. Beaty, Scott Belfit, John Elwood, Kevin C. Fitch, Daniel Friese, James McDermott, Richard McWhite, Kim Mello, Valerie Morrill, Charles Pekins, Kyle Rambo, Doug Ripley, Marty Skoglund, Bruce Stein, and Bob Unnasch. Will Murray, formerly with Conservation Impact, facilitated the workshop.

One of the key recommendations of experts we interviewed, and of our workshop attendees, was to include numerous case studies of successful biodiversity conservation on military lands in this current guide, from a variety of military installations, and to showcase not only successes, but also some of the challenges and how military natural resources staffs were able to overcome them. We are grateful to all of the people who volunteered their time to write and/or contribute to the case studies, including: Hannah Andersen, David Beckmann, Scott Belfit, Walter Bien, Pete Campbell, Kirsten Christopherson, Steve Covell, Diane Drigot, Scott Farley, Peter Frank, Brent Friedl, Don George, Janet Bracey Gray, Mary Hassell, Thomas H. Hilliard, Matthew Hohmann, Michael L. Kennedy, James Kerkman, Gerald T. Johnson, Jana Johnson, Will Murray, Jim Omans, Albert Owen, Charles Pekins, Luis Perez, Kyle Rambo, William Rogers, and Stephen Stephenson.

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