DoD Biodiversity Conservation Handbook
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This publication is dedicated to the memory of Michele Leslie. As The Nature Conservancy's senior policy advisor on the Department of Defense, Michele was the inspiration and principal author of the original Conserving Biodiversity on Military Lands handbook. We hope that this new version honors Michele's dedication to understanding and protecting biological diversity and her commitment to conserving the natural resources on our nation's military lands.

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CITATION: Benton, N., J.D. Ripley, and F. Powledge, eds. Conserving Biodiversity on Military Lands: A Guide for Natural Resources Managers. 2008 edition. Available at Arlington, Virginia: NatureServe. 2008.

ISBN 0-9711053-8-3

Funding for the development and publication of this guide was provided by the Department of Defense Legacy Resource Management Program.

This document is a fully revised and updated version of Conserving Biodiversity on Military Lands, a handbook produced in 1996 by The Nature Conservancy for the Department of Defense.

Design and production: Marc Alain Meadows, Meadows Design Office, Inc. Cover: Jim Creek Naval Radio Station, Washington. (Photo: Douglas Ripley)

LIMITED PRINT EDITION. This guide was produced as an electronic publication to facilitate future updates and additions. For updated information, see

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